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I'm a third year Computer Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. Scarily close to being done my undergrad 🥶

Apart from loving cookies 🍪, planes ✈️, cookies on planes, and spending an obnoxious amount of time adding pictures to this website 🖼️, I like to spend my time learning new things, working on things I enjoy but most of all spreading joy!

This page will show you a high level glimpse into my life, but if you're interested in the technical stuff, check out my portfolio!

Currently up to:

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    👀 Seeking 2025 internships 👀 (Winter AND Summer)

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    Past Research

    Undergraduate Research Assistant:
    1. Vision and Image Processing Lab
    2. Controls, Learning, and Logic Lab

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    President at SPARK - a student-run non-profit-organization that aims to promote diversity and inclusion in STEM for youth.

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    Side Quests

    I've worked on several side projects, that have enhanced my knowledge on skills I have learned through my university courses. Check out my Portfolio!

Some Quotes I live by:

  • Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

    Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

    "If you have a choice between being right and being kind, choose kind."

    ---- My Interpretation ----

    Do not make the mistake of giving up what you believe in just because you chose kind. Choosing kindness isn't about that. It's about recognizing the way in which we communicate our ideas can have a significant impact on how they are received by others.

  • Harvey Specter

    Harvey Specter

    "When you're backed against the wall, break the goddamn thing down."

    ---- My Interpretation ----

    The hotshot from Suits has a point. Persistence, resilience, and a willingness to take risks in the face of adversity can help find solutions to the most difficult of challenges. This quote is all about having a proactive and aggressive mindset when it comes to getting what you really want.

Some Moments I Live For:

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  1. Department of National Defence - Robotics Researcher

    May 2024 — Aug 2024

    Defence Research and Development Canada has a mission of enhancing Canada’s defence and security posture through excellence in science, technology and innovation.

  2. Controls, Learning, and Logic (CL2) Lab - Research Assistant

    Jan 2024 — May 2024

    The CL2 Lab focuses on decision-making for multi-agent and autonomous systems, drawing on elements of Control Theory, Machine Learning, Formal Methods, and Optimization.

  3. Sanctuary AI - Software Engineering Intern

    Sep 2023 — Dec 2023

    Sanctuary is working on creating human-like intelligence in general-purpose robots.

  4. Kindred AI - Robotics Software Engineering Intern

    Jan 2023 - Apr 2023

    Kindred is the AI robotics platform that augments the industrial workforce with the world’s most intelligent machines.

  5. Vision and Image Processing Lab (GenAI4Good) - Research Assistant

    Jan 2023 — Jul 2023

    The VIP research group is dedicated to understanding visual processes and finding intelligent solutions for the outstanding problems in image and video processing, artificial intelligence, and intelligent systems.

  6. SS&C Technologies - Software Developer Intern

    May 2022 — Aug 2022

    SS&C, a Fortune 1000 company, is a leading global provider of mission-critical, cloud-based software and solutions for the financial and healthcare industries.

  7. West Oak Design Inc. - Software Developer Intern

    Jun 2021 — Sep 2021

    West Oak Design is a technology research & design innovation hub who design and develop new web applications in over 20 business sectors including HR management, secondary & post-secondary education and more.

  8. Co.Lab - Business Development Intern

    Mar 2021 — Jul 2021

    Co.Lab allows people from non-traditional career backgrounds to gain real-world experience by building products in a team, across Product Management, Design and Engineering.




Hey! I'm glad you made it here!

Does anyone actually use the Contact Me page? I Left this page unfilled for 2 months and no one blinked an eye. I could leave it that way at the risk of people thinking I'm lazy, but I'd rather show you something funny instead.

first website ever

Wait whaaaaat???

This was actually the first website I ever created. In grade 7. I remember being so proud of it - mainly because I could spread awareness about protecting ocean wildlife through a completely new medium where I could be as creative as I wanted.

I've definitely stepped up my game since then though (right?).


NOTE: In the case that you actually do want to get in touch, click on my email on the left sidebar! I'll probably get back to you within 10 minutes.